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I'm most commonly known Vani, but you can really call me anything you'd like as long as it's not creepy. I'm an amateur artist who's always trying to improve. I hope to one day be a famous artist, and be able to make a career out of it. Because what better way to make a living than by doing what you love most?

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I think it’s absolutely disgusting seeing that this kind of thing happens to artists much more often then I thought. I know this is from a couple months ago, but I’ve been wondering where Rini went and apparently the same thing happened to her. It makes me want to find her and hug her and just, damn. I know I’m supposed to be on “Hiatus” but I was so curious about everything, so I peeked on dA and Tumblr today and somehow found this. I have lost almost all respect for the art community. People are so self righteous.

I’m gonna use a section from a blog I read about the Ray Rice event.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.  A group of people united by hate, united by righteousness and judgment forced humiliation, embarrassment and ultimately cost another human being his job, his livelihood.

And why is domestic violence worse than having an affair?  Or worse than a spouse with a drug addiction.  Aren’t we told that emotional abuse, words and non-violent actions, has equal if not more of an affect on it’s victims than physical violence?  I’ve read that emotional bullying, which includes teasing, talking badly about people behind their backs, spreading rumors and exclusion from groups, to name a few, is worse than physical bullying.  Is Ray Rice now a victim of emotional abuse?  Yes.  Is his wife?  Yes.  Are you a perpetrator of this emotional bullying?

I gotta ask how we all became so perfect, our sins not as grave as another’s, that we can sit in judgement over another person.  But not only that, not only judgement, but that we can demand justice and revenge on behalf of a “victim” who isn’t even calling for it herself.  I know, I know, women in domestic violence situations stay with their man, despite the danger, time after time.

But, I now have to ask this question … when did women become victims?  I thought we were equals.  We can go to war, we can join the police force, we can do everything a man can do and better, right?  So why now, when a woman is saying back the heck off her husband (if you haven’t read Janay Rice’s post regarding her husband’s demise you should) is she delicate and mislead.  She’s now the personification of a victim?  Why can’t she be a strong woman standing behind her man who screwed up huge?  Why can’t we rally behind her?  Why can’t we elevate her in strength and compassion and understanding.  Why can’t we help her and her family?

Obviously we could be unstoppable.  If we can get the Ravens to dump one of their best players, there’s no telling what we could do!  In fact, why not unite to fight hunger?  To find homes for children in Foster Care?  To get kids off the streets?  Why not unite to end abortion, suicide and the death penalty?  How bout fighting poverty?  Where’s the public outcry over Benghazi or James Foley?  There’s only Silence.  It’s sickening, really.  Is anger our only motivator these days?

If so, why did we not rally to make something good come of something so awful?   I mean seriously, if we truly wanted to make a difference, why not rally for education and counseling and awareness?  Why not rally for positivity?   Can you imagine what voice Ray Rice could have had in influencing younger men to take a different road? He could have been the spokesman for change, for counseling, for bettering oneself!”

I think she’s %100 right, and as I read the whole article I couldn’t help but think about what happened here on Tumblr. People rallied in their negativity and anger. “How dare she!” What makes you so much better than me? Or Rini? Or any other artist who has ever been caught up in this kind of situation. You’ve never done a single thing wrong? You’re perfect, never made a single mistake?Why are you demanding justice, when you could be trying to make an actual difference. Why slur their name and eat away at their confidence or feelings, when you could be teaching them and giving them supportive advice.

The really sad thing is, these posts about artists tracing aren’t even just a warning to other people. So much time and effort is put into them. They scour through so much artwork to find even the smallest things like a single hand, or feet. They take multiple screenshots of things the artist has said or posted. They go through everything on dA, check what that artist has done on fA, stalk their Tumblr. Make posts about everything the artist does to try to defend themselves. Make entire, very long posts or pages dedicated to all the “evidence”. 

I’m not asking “do you not have anything better to do with your time?” It’s more like, "Why on Earth are you so hellbent on destroying this person that you would be willing to spend so much time stalking through their stuff and watching their responses?" Where is your heart? 

Let's stop the rallied hate, and try to start rallied kindness. Let’s unite in advice, help, and compassion. Not anger, hatred, and excessive/extreme “justice”.


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Flesh-Odium Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
While I don't condone tracing and/or not crediting original sources, I also don't condone bullying. This girl is most certainly going to learn the hard way from this issue by people not purchasing her digital art pack and ultimately loosing out big time. As well as a loss of trust and follows brought on by the initial post about this flooding tumblr right now. So there is no reason to come here and continue flaming her pointlessly. Everyone is aware of the situation already.

As it stands the one who is ultimately effected here is Slugbox, and the only thing he really said on the matter was people should be up front about referencing. And should not be surprised when people notice. Source -…

People make mistakes and if Vani cannot explain the situation I do believe she will at least learn from this and be able to grow into a stronger more mature artist. And if not. It's going to be zero loss to those who think throwing taunts at her is going to do anything but make you look like you are jumping on a huge smear campaign wagon.
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Xavoska Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tracing artwork and then tricking people into buying it is wrong on so many levels. .-.
Yuujikon Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I see that your really good at shading, coloring and lining on your own, but maybe you should credit your references for all your poses and artworks that are near perfect copies of things that slug and flux have done. That way you don't get a bunch of hate mm mail and stuff. There's no denying that all the images look like they're traced (not the original parts) which are the initial base poses.
Zinpachi Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
HOW dare you fucking trace slugbox and not give credit to him i should have you have reported. 
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